Breathing Fun Facts

What you need:

What you do:

  1. Ask your child, "What is something that you are always doing, but you may not even realize it? What is something that is happening, even when you are totally still?"
  2. Say, "Your breath! That is right!"
  3. Ask, "What happens when we breathe?"
  4. Together, take three slow, deep breaths.
  5. Ask, "What did you notice? Where did you feel your breath most easily?"
  6. Explain that our breath can help us to feel calm when there are many things going on!
  7. Show the video "Mindful Minute Breathing Exercise: The Power of One Breath."
  8. Breathe together with your child, when the girl in the video breathes.
  9. Ask, "What happened in the video? How did the girl feel after she felt her breath?"
  10. Explain that you will now practice a little longer together, focusing on the breath.
  11. Explain that the breath helps us to stay calm and focused on one thing.
  12. Ask your child if they know what an anchor is. Build on their answer and help them understand how an anchor keeps a boat in place even when the waves, wind, and water are moving.
  13. Check for understanding by asking, "What does an anchor do for the boat?"
  14. Explain that just like an anchor helps the boat to stay calm and in one place, your breath can do that for your mind, too. Your breath can keep you calm when things try and shake or upset you.
  15. Guide your child to complete the My Breath as My Anchor worksheet.
  16. Play the video "Breathing Superpower Compilation: Kids Mindfulness."

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