Build Your Own Pizza!

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What You Need:

  • Construction paper, multi-colored
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Markers
  • Dice
  • Clear laminating stickers
  • Pencil

What You Do:

  1. Help your child to cut out a 9" circle from brown construction paper to create the pizza crust. Each game participant should have their own pizza crust circle.
  2. Ask her to name five different pizza toppings.
  3. Assist with drawing and cutting out the chosen toppings 2"-3" in size. Make sure to make enough toppings for the number of crusts you have created. Some ideas for toppings are: olives, tomatoes, pepperoni, green peppers, and broccoli.
  4. Draw six squares on a full sheet of white construction paper.
  5. Ask her to write the numbers 1-6 at the top of each square. One number per square.
  6. Then, below the numbers, have her draw dots from 1-6 that correspond to her numbers. They should look like the dots she sees on the face of a dice.
  7. In each numbered square, have her draw a different pizza topping ingredient under the numbers 1-5. Maybe "1" is tomato, "2" is broccoli, "3" is a slice of pepperoni, and so on.
  8. For number "6," ask her to write "Take off one topping."
  9. Laminate all of the pieces for durability.
  10. Time to play! Each child gets one pizza crust and one piece of each of the cut-out toppings. Have each child take turns rolling the die and putting the topping corresponding to whatever number they roll, onto their pizza. However, if they roll a "6", they'll need to remove a topping.
  11. Play until everyone has a finished pizza!

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