Butterfly Bouquet

What You Need:

  • Slender branch (find a branch outside that fell or was trimmed from a tree)
  • Vase or jar
  • Old magazines or catalogs with colorful photos
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun and glue

What You Do:

  1. Flip through the stack of old magazines and catalogs with your child and look for pages with bright colors and appealing patterns. Tear out three or four pages that catch your eye.
  2. Have your child cut out 4 or 5 butterflies from the magazine pages you tore out. If she is hesitant to cut them out freehand, make a template out of a magazine subscription card for her to trace.
  3. Once the butterflies are cut out, crease one of them down the length of its body. Have your child crease the others.
  4. Gluing the butterflies requires hot glue so this is a good job for the adult. Have your child show you where to apply the glue and then let her add the butterflies. Hold each butterfly in place for a few seconds to give the glue a chance to set.

Once all the butterflies are glued on, place the branch in the vase and set it out for all to see.

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