Candy Cane Decorations

What You Need:

•    Red construction paper •    Cotton balls •    Glue stick •    Pencil

What You Do:

  1. Ask your child if he can name an object besides a candy cane that has a cane shape. Of course, canes also have the same shape. But, an umbrella would be another great answer.
  2. Ask him if he can draw a large cane shape on the red paper. Help him to make it as large as he can.
  3. Cut out the cane shape.
  4. Encourage him to unroll and tear apart cotton balls to create lines.
  5. Show him how to space lines to create stripes. See if he can create stripes too.
  6. Ask him to place his stripes on the candy cane.
  7. Glue the stripes in place and hang up the candy cane to enjoy during the holiday season!

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