Candy Hunt

What You Need:

  • Individually wrapped candy bars
  • Paper
  • Scissors
  • Pencil

What You Do:

  1. Find some time to prep away from curious eyes. You'll need to scope out the playing field for candy hunt. A backyard or a park are perfect locations, but even a living room or hallway will work.
  2. Decide how many candy bars you will hide. There should be enough candy hidden that every child will have at least two or three.
  3. Start hiding the candy. Be tricky! The longer it will take the kids to find the candy , the better.
  4. Once all the candy is hidden, cut a piece of paper into tiny strips.
  5. Use a pencil to draw clues on each strip to where one of the candy bars is hidden. For example, if you hid one candy bar in a bush with orange blossoms, draw a picture of that bush with an arrow pointing towards the candy.
  6. Roll up or fold each paper strip.
  7. Take your extra candy bars and carefully unwrap each one.
  8. Place each paper clue inside an empty candy wrapper.
  9. Hide these tricky candy clues in easy locations -- places you know the kids will be tempted to look first.
  10. Gather the players.
  11. Tell them that they'll be going on a trick or treat candy hunt.
  12. Count to three before letting them loose!
  13. Try to monitor how many candy bars each kid has found. If one super speedy child already has found three or four, let him help another child find some.
  14. When all the candy bars are found, it's time to eat. Encourage the kids to just eat one or two -- and save the rest for later!

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