Catch a Leprechaun

What You Need:

  • Toys/objects
  • Green glitter
  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Markers or colored pencils

What You Do:

(Note: Set up the activity while children are sleeping or away.)

  1. Sprinkle green glitter on the sidewalk, porch, welcome mat, down hallways and on the kitchen table.
  2. Turn chairs and pictures upside down and place toys or objects in funny places.
  3. Bring children in and give them time to notice all the things that are out of place.
  4. Encourage them to search for the leprechaun to see if they can catch him.
  5. After they're done searching, ask the children what things they saw out of place and help them make a list.
  6. Then, using the markers, let the children draw a picture of what they think the leprechaun might look like.

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