Paper Chain Caterpillar Craft

What You Need

  • Blue, Green and Black Construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Wiggle eyes
  • Poms
  • Pipe Cleaner
  • Ruler
  • Glue
  • Pencil

What You Do

  1. Have your child cut the blue and green construction paper into strips that are 1.5 inches x 6 inches, helping him use the ruler if necessary.
  2. Alternate linking them and taping the links in place. Let your kid determine the length of his caterpillar—the more paper you use, the longer he’ll become.
  3. Choose one end to make the head.
  4. Tell your kid to cut a strip of black paper that is the same size as your links. Help him curl it into a tube shape and tape it into place to create a top hat. Help your budding crafter cut an additional circle from the black construction paper and glue at the base of the black tube to finish the top hat. Glue the hat in place.
  5. Help your child attach pipe cleaners for antennae, wiggle eyes and a pom for the caterpillar's nose.
  6. Finally, glue a pom on the end of each pipe cleaner antennae.

Helpful Tip

You can use small accordion folded pieces of thin paper for antennae instead of pipe cleaners.

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