Beautiful Bugs

Bugs sure are amazing creatures. Have your child explore the wonderful world of bugs as he crafts his very own bugs and ponders what it would be like to be a bug himself!

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Make Ladybug Tightrope Racers

Here's a first grade ladybug game that explores how air can move solid objects, and adds some measurement practice, too. Play, learn, and enjoy!
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Backyard Bugs

Want to boost math and science learning? Take a bug expedition and give your first grader practice observing and charting what he sees.
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Paper Chain Caterpillar Craft

Help your budding artist construct this paper chain caterpillar craft, inspired by the intelligent bug from "Alice in Wonderland."
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Bug Mobile

Mobiles make fun art projects for creative kids. Help your child bend simple pipe cleaners into bug shapes as diverse as the creepy crawlies that inspired them.
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Write a Story From an Ant's Perspective

Here's a writing activity that helps first graders explore an ant's perspective...and practice writing, too!
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Spring into Spring with a Pipe Cleaner Bumblebee

Kids make a cute pipe cleaner bumble bee craft and learn a few interesting bee facts along the way in this spring-themed arts and crafts activity.
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Caterpillar Math Game

This caterpillar math game gets your child to work on addition and subtraction. Challenge your child's math prowess with this fast-paced caterpillar math game.
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Make Spider Sandwiches

These Halloween sandwiches are a creepy-crawly treat for a holiday party or an especially scary school lunch. Make these Halloween sandwiches for your child.
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