Christmas Plate

What You Need:

  • White plate
  • Red food-safe porcelain paint marker
  • Green food-safe porcelain paint marker
  • Blue food-safe porcelain paint marker
  • Oven
  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Potholders

What You Do:

  1. Have your child write down a list of all his favorite things about Christmas and the holiday season. Encourage her to really think about everything from time off of school to time with her family.

  1. Gather up the porcelain paint markers and ask your child why red and green make such great holiday colors.

  1. Help her write "Christmas" on the top of the plate and "Plate" on the bottom.

  1. Have your child use the green marker to draw a curved line from "Christmas" to "Plate."

  1. Let her use the red marker to draw another curved line from "Plate" to "Christmas."

  1. Have her use the markers to draw her favorite Christmas items on the plate, using her brainstorming list from the first step.

  1. Show your child how to use the blue marker to make little snowflakes all over the plate.

  1. Read the package of markers to see what temperature you should set the oven to.

  1. Preheat the oven.

  1. To help keep little hands safe, this step is all you! Put the plate in the oven to bake the ink on.

  1. Once the ink is baked on, remove the plate using potholders.

  1. Let it sit to cool.

  1. Talk to her about why she choose each thing on her Christmas plate then share your own favorite holiday traditions and memories. Who knows? Maybe this little craft will be a Christmas tradition she can pass on to her children!

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