Crab Soccer!

What You Need:

  • Large ball, such as a beach ball or other light-weight rubber ball
  • Open space such as a backyard or a gym
  • At least two players
  • Cones or other markers

What You Do:

  1. Divide the players into two equal teams. If there are an odd number of children, ask a volunteer to sit out and substitute in after a few minutes.
  2. Ask your child to help choose an appropriate playing field. If there is only one player on each team, simply use a portion of the yard or gym. Two teams of four or more players may want to make use of the entire space.
  3. Have your child mark off a goal for each team on opposite ends of the playing field.
  4. Ask players to take their positions for the kickoff. Players should sit on the ground with their hands and feet flat on the ground. Move by pushing off the ground and scurrying about, face up, on all fours.
  5. For the kickoff, drop the ball between two players, one from each team. Players then "crab crawl" back and forth trying to kick the ball into the goal. When a goal is scored, return the ball to the center of the playing area and begin play again. Encourage the children to play for a previously agreed upon time: 15 minutes or so works well.
  6. The team with the most points wins!

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