Creating Uplifting Spaces


What You Need:


What You Do:

  1. Ask your child to brainstorm things they can do to regulate (monitor) their emotions and improve the way they feel. (Examples you can give: ask mom and dad for a hug, play with a pet, listen to uplifting music, or talk to a friend.)
  2. Ask your child to describe times when they feel happy. Then ask, "When do you feel peace?" and "When do you feel 'grounded', or calm?"
  3. Explain to your child that the more we notice when we feel these emotions, the the more these positive feelings will grow and blossom. It is like watering a flower.
  4. Tell your child that one way we can feel calm and happy is to create spaces that make us feel that way. These spaces can be full of things that make us feel happy and calm.
  5. Have your child find a spot in your home to make into an uplifting space. In the space, encourage your child to bring items and decorations that evoke calmness and happiness.
  6. Have your child complete the Lift Me Up worksheet to create additional decorations for their uplifting space. They will draw pictures of things that make them feel calm and happy in flowers and rocks. Help them display their completed worksheet in their uplifting space.

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