Create a Portrait

What You Need:

  • Two pieces of construction paper in a light color
  • Crayons, markers, or colored pencils

What You Do:

  1. Discuss the concept of portraiture with your child. Remember, portrait may be a new vocabulary word that he has yet to learn. It may be helpful to show your child portraits in art books or even remind him of a family portrait that was taken by a photographer.
  2. Give one piece of paper to your child and take one for yourself. Sit across from each other at a table or other suitable workspace.
  3. Look at each other and begin drawing (allow your child to choose his favorite drawing implement such as a marker, pencil, or crayon). Encourage your child to use shapes to draw your face. An oval can be the head, circles and ovals for eyes, and so on.
  4. When both you and your child have finished drawing the other person, exchange portraits.
  5. Display the portraits next to each other in a prominent space such as a family room or kitchen.

Turn this paired portrait project into a special Valentine’s Day gift for a spouse, grandparent, or friend. Instead of displaying the portraits, cut a large heart from a piece of red or pink poster board. Glue or tape the portraits onto the paper heart, and share this oversized Valentine with someone special!

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