Self-Portrait Collage

What You Need:

  • Photos of different careers
  • Profile photo of your child
  • 2 sheets white paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue

What You Do:

  1. Since your daughter is making a collage, the profile photo needs to be large enough to combine several images. If necessary, scan and enlarge. Cut out the profile to use as a pattern.
  2. Help your daughter trace the photo on one of the sheets of paper. Cut it out so she has a hole shaped like her profile. This will be glued over the collage so that portions of the photos show within her profile.
  3. Discuss with your daughter the jobs shown in the photos. What are these people doing? Which of these jobs would she like to do? Why?
  4. Have your daughter select the photos that she wants to use. Glue them onto one of the pieces of paper, overlapping to create a collage.
  5. Glue the profile cutout over the collage.

Once your daughter has made her own self portrait collage, she can make collages of her friends and family members, using photos that depict the many jobs that they do.

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