DIY Jewelry Tree

What You Need:

  • 4 chopsticks
  • Hot glue gun
  • Hot glue stick
  • Dense craft foam
  • Green construction paper
  • Black marker
  • Brown spray paint
  • Scissors

What You Do:

  1. Let your child use a marker to draw tree leaves on the green construction paper.
  2. Have her use scissors to cut out all of her paper leaves.
  3. Next, have your child draw a circle about 2-3 inches in diameter on top of the craft foam.
  4. Let use her scissors to cut this circle out as well.
  5. The hot glue gun duties are adult only, so let your kid sit this step out. Carefully place three drops of hot glue, evenly spaced, on the upper two thirds of one of the chopsticks.
  6. Help your child place the other three chopsticks on top of the first chopstick, on the glue dots. These three "branches" should be perpandicular to the first chopstick.
  7. Place a line of hot glue on the back of the first chopstick, or the tree's "trunk."
  8. Allow the glue to dry completely.
  9. Then have your child press the chopstick tree into the center of the foam circle. This will be the tree’s base.
  10. Take your child outside for some spray painting fun. Far away from any object, person or pet who would rather not be plasted with paint, show your child how to use the spray can.
  11. Have her spray the tree's base and trunk with brown paint.
  12. Let your child place the chopstick tree in the grass.
  13. Allow the paint to dry completely.
  14. Place a line of glue on the trunk and branches of the chopstick tree.
  15. Help your child press the green construction paper leaves onto the chopstick trunk and branches.
  16. Once the glues has dried, just add jewelry!

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