Stonehenge Jewelry

What You Need:

What You Do:

  1. Download and print the Stonehenge worksheet.
  2. Let your child study it. What does she like most about the ancient wonder of the world? Why does she think Stonehenge was built?
  3. Have her use the modeling clay to create stones in the shape of England's famous historical site.
  4. Help your child puncture each stone with a needle.
  5. Set aside the clay stones to dry.
  6. Once the clay is hard, help your child thread the elastic thread through the needle's eye.
  7. Have your child decide the order of the stones.
  8. Help her thread the needle through each stone.
  9. Take the needle off.
  10. Measure the thread around your child's neck to make sure it is big enough.
  11. Use scissors to cut the thread to the appropriate length.
  12. Knot the two ends of the thread together.
  13. Let your child wear her completed necklace with pride! She can spread her love of history and learning to anyone curious about the jewelry's inspiration.

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