Art From Around the World

If art is the signature of civilizations, this slideshow is the whole essay! Try out some fun art styles from around the world.

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Create a Matisse Masterpiece

In this activity, your child will reference Matisse and also learn about patterns.
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Stonehenge Jewelry

Attention, Anglophiles! Get your fill of artsy crafts and historical fun with this jewelry project.
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Craft a Japanese Scroll

Jump into Japanese culture with your child by making your own calligraphy scroll. Try your hand at painting kanji on paper just like Zen masters of old!
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Architecture of Asia: Build a Pagoda

Learn about the architecture of Asia by building your very own model of a pagoda!
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Shaman Stick

Channel your inner shaman with a shaman stick made from recycled paper towel rolls and cereal boxes!
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String a Patterned Necklace

Have your child try her hand at creating a colorful, beaded necklace that's not only stylish, but also tells a story.
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Mayan Art

With a handful of craft supplies, your fourth grader can capture some of the artistic magic of the ancient Maya.
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Make Your Own Boomerang

Your child will make a boomerang, which is a flat, curved shape that spins when thrown and often returns to the thrower.
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