Duct Tape Sculpture

What You Need:

  • Duct tape, various colors
  • Old newspaper pages
  • Aluminum foil
  • Scissors
  • Optional: Permanent markers, liquid glue, feathers, glitter, gems, wiggle eyes, beads, buttons, yarn, ribbon

What You Do:

  1. Have your child think of an animal or object with an identifiable shape that he could sculpt, such as a dog, cat, dinosaur, duck, bird, cow, pig, etc.
  2. Give your child old newspaper pages. He can roll them up into balls which will form pieces of the sculpture.
  3. He can wrap each newspaper ball inside of aluminum foil, shaping the foil (and paper inside) as he wraps it into whatever shape is needed.
  4. Help your child attach the sculpture pieces together and use pieces of foil ends to attach them.
  5. Have your child cut strips of duct tape in the colors that he wants his sculpture to be. Then he can wrap the body parts in duct tape. Duct tape pieces will also help hold the pieces together in case the aluminum foil by itself did not attach pieces well enough.
  6. After the sculpture looks the way he likes, he can start further decorating it if desired. For example, permanent markers will show up on lighter colored duct tape to draw a mouth, eyes, nose, fur, hair, or other features. He can use liquid glue to attach wiggle eyes, feathers, beads, buttons, glitter, gems, yarn, ribbon, or other decorations.
  7. After the glue has dried, he can play with his sculpture or display it. Duct tape ducks, dinosaurs, and dogs will definitely delight!

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