Envelope Scrapbook

What You Need:

  • Envelopes
  • Paints
  • Markers or crayons
  • Glue
  • Photos

What You Do:

  1. Begin by laying the envelopes out and letting your child decide how many pages the photo album should have (5 or 6 makes a good size).
  2. From the paint color options, have your child choose what colors he would like the album to be. It looks cute to paint the envelope flaps a different color than the bodies, as the flaps will be attached to the envelope laying next door. Allow your child to paint every visible side of each envelope.
  3. Once all the envelopes have dried, aid your child in gluing the top flap of one envelope to the bottom portion of another. This will leave the entirety of the flap glued to the portion where you would normally write an address. Be sure that the bottom of that envelope reaches down to the crease on the flap of the other envelope so that it will fold correctly.
  4. Continue gluing each flap of the last envelope to the back of the next, in the same manner as above, and watch as your photo album grows in length. After all the envelopes have been attached, begin folding the last envelope of the chain inward toward the preceding envelope and continue in this way until the photo album closes like a book.
  5. Add each photo to a different page of the album (front and back). Your child can make each page a different theme by adding decorations, and add captions for the photos, with assistance.

These photo books also make excellent gifts; what a fun surprise for grandma to unfold the "scrapbook" and recall that fun family trip to Disneyland!

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