Make Your Own Garden Markers

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What You Need:

  • Tongue depressors
  • Card stock cut into 3 x 4” cards
  • Markers or colored pencils
  • Seed packets or a book with plant pictures
  • Laminator

What You Do:

  1. Start with pictures. For each type of seed you're planting, ask your child to find a picture of how the plant should look if everything comes up right. This is easy if you're using seed packets; if not, you can also look in a garden book or seed catalog.
  2. Now explain to your child that for each row of seeds you plant, you need to make a little sign with a picture and a word. Then give your child one card at a time, placed vertically. Start by having your child draw the flower or vegetable with bright markers or colored pencils. Make sure you leave about 3/4” at the bottom of the card, though, for the name of the plant!
  3. Across the bottom of the card, ask your child to copy the plant's name in clear capital block letters. (While you're at it, encourage your child to sound out those letters and put them together into the full word!)
  4. Repeat this process for as many cards as necessary.
  5. Laminate! Run your card through a laminator so that there is a plastic border at least 1/4” wide all around. Staple or glue it with superglue onto a tongue depressor. Stick it in the ground and celebrate—unless, of course, the signs are so cute you can't bear to use them!

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