Giving and Receiving Kindness

What you need:


What you do:

  1. Say to your child, "Describe a time someone was kind to you. What happened? How did you feel?"
  2. Ask, "Why do you think they were kind to you in this way? What does kindness mean to you?"
  3. Ask, "When you think of kindness, who is one person that comes to mind? What else do you think of?"
  4. Ask, "Do you think nature gives kindness? How?"
  5. Play the video or read the book The Giving Tree.
  6. Ask, "How did the tree give in the story? What did the boy receive from the tree? What did the tree want for the boy?"
  7. Ask, "How did you feel hearing this story? How does nature give kindness to us?"
  8. Review the Thank You, Trees worksheet with your child in a quiet place in nature (if possible).
  9. Give them time to complete their letter (using a clipboard can make writing easier).
  10. Together, engage in "An Offering of Thankfulness:"
    • Choose one rock in this special place. This rock will be a gift for the tree.  
    • Use permanent marker (or paints) and color your rock with loving words or pictures, to express your thankfulness for the tree.
    • Give your rock to the tree by placing it on the ground in a special place where only you and the tree may know (and you can also give the tree a hug).
    • Take one more quiet moment with the tree. Remember that you can return back to the tree to sit, be still, and receive its kindness and love.


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