Make Grandma and Grandpa Handprint Sweatshirts

What You Need:

  • Two new, plain sweatshirts
  • Fabric paints in assorted colors
  • Wide disposable containers, such as plastic produce toys
  • Newspaper
  • Rag

What You Do:

  1. Wash and dry the sweatshirts. You may want to take this opportunity to show your child how the washer and dryer work in your home!
  2. Ask your child to line her workspace with plenty of old newspaper. Not only will her hands be covered with paint in a few minutes, but you will be teaching her the importance of keeping clean.
  3. Have your child choose her favorite colors of fabric paint, and pour enough of each to cover the bottoms of each tray.
  4. Lay the sweatshirts flat on the newspaper. Invite your child to press a hand flat into a container of paint and then carefully onto the sweatshirt to make a print.
  5. Ask her to make another handprint, wiping her hand with a rag before she switches colors.
  6. Continue this process until the entire sweatshirt is covered with festive handprints. Let your child choose whether she wants to create a pattern or a random design.
  7. Make sure your child allows the sweatshirt to dry thoroughly before wrapping it up!

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