DIY Giving: 8 Gifts Kids Can Make Themselves

Looking for a way to save some money this holiday season? Check out these fun and heartfelt gifts that kids can make themselves.

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Pet Presents: Homemade Dog Biscuits

Homemade dog treats are fun to make and delicious for your household pet. Make homemade dog treats to create personal Christmas gifts for dogs.
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Make Chocolate Dipped Spoons!

Make chocolate dipped spoons with your child this holiday season. Chocolate dipped spoons make great gifts for friends and family, and they are simple to make.
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Homemade Gifts: Make Snowman Soup!

Snowman soup is an extra special kind of hot chocolate. Make some snowman soup with your child, and let him practice measuring and mixing this holiday season.
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Create Edible Holiday Cards!

Want to go paperless this holiday season? Here's a delicious way to get your third grader started (and practice some writing in the process!)
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Christmas Snow Globe

This homemade snow globe is fun for kids who are excited about the arrival of winter. Kids can complete this snow globe craft quickly and easily.
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Make a Holiday Cookie "Kit"

Practice third and fourth grade measurement skills and make a practical holiday gift in the process!
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Make Holiday Cookie Canisters

Explore measurement with your second grader and make this terrific holiday craft.
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Make Grandma and Grandpa Handprint Sweatshirts

Your kindergartener will delight in creating this "handcrafted" sweatshirt for Grandma and Grandpa this holiday season, filled with her colorful handprints.
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