I Can Lead the Way

What you need:

What you do:

  1. Write the word "leadership" on the small whiteboard.
  2. Ask your child to write as many words and phrases they can think of that are connected to leadership on the board (in another marker color).
  3. Ask them to share what they wrote and how each relates to leadership.
  4. Show your child the "What is a Leader?" video.
  5. Afterward, discuss the video with your child using the following guiding questions:
    • What stands out for you in the video?
    • Who are positive leaders in our lives?
    • What makes them a positive leader?
    • What are ways you see yourself as a leader?
  6. Share your own thoughts about leadership and your answers to the prompts above. Offer examples of how you practice leadership in your life.
  7. Together, research one positive leader online and answer the following questions:
    •  What is the name of the leader you admire?
    •  How has this positive leader supported society?
  8. Check out some famous paintings and artistic representations of leaders, such as Derek Russell's paintings of Mahatma Gandhi and the Dalai Lama.
  9. Together with your child, use art paper to create an artistic representation of the leader you both researched.
  10. Find a prominent place in the home to display your artwork as a reminder of how important positive leadership is in our world.
  11. Review the Leadership Reflections worksheet and support your child in exploring their own leadership!

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