Ice Balloons

What You Need:

  • Water balloons
  • Food coloring
  • Old towels
  • Cookie sheet
  • Freezer
  • Bucket
  • Scissors
  • Old clothes

What You Do:

  1. Make sure both you and your child are wearing old clothes. This project can get messy!
  2. Carefully help your child put one drop of food coloring into her first balloon. Work the food coloring as far into the ballon as possible
  3. Have her fill the balloon with water. Watch for any leaks. Any leaky balloons need to be thrown away!
  4. Once the balloon is filled, let her tie the end into a know. 
  5. Have her place the filled balloon on the cookie sheet.
  6. Help her repeat this process with more balloons.
  7. When she's satisfied with the number of balloons she has, have her place the filled cookie sheet in the freezer.
  8. Wait for the balloons to freeze.
  9. Have your child slip the frozen balloons into a bucket.
  10. Move the project outdoors. Her frozen balloon will start melting immediately, and you won't want dyed water seeping into your floors.
  11. Discard any balloon that ruptured inside the freezer.
  12. Let your child use scissors to cut off the knot from each balloon.
  13. Gently help her roll off the balloon material, revealing the beautiful, frozen orbs beneath!
  14. Have your child decide what she wants do do with her icy creations. She can set them up as temporary decorations or make patterns and structures with the colored spheres.

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