Inspirational Quote Board

What You Need:

  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Dark colored craft foam
  • Light colored craft foam
  • Scissors
  • Fine line markers
  • Glue
  • Ribbon

What You Do:

  1. Help your child choose an inspirational quote.
  2. Using the pencil and paper, have them practice writing the whole quote a few times so that it will look great on their quote board.
  3. Cut the dark colored foam into a large rectangle.
  4. Cut the light colored foam, which should be light enough to write on, into a smaller rectangle. If you want, curve the edges so that they are smooth.
  5. With the markers, have your child write their inspirational quote on the light colored foam using as many colors as they like.
  6. Then, help them glue the smaller piece of foam onto the larger piece of foam.
  7. Have your child glue the ends of the strip of ribbon to the back of the larger piece of foam.

Give the glue some time to dry and then help them choose a great place to hang up their new quote board!

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