Wax Paper Art

What You Need:

  • Craft paper 20" x 24", creased in the center
  • Iron, with parental supervision
  • Pencil sharpener (handheld)
  • Crayons, with paper removed
  • Wax paper, cut into 12" x 16" rectangles
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Yarn or string
  • Clear tape

What You Do:

  1. Set the craft paper on a flat surface. The paper will protect your surface from the heat of the iron.
  2. Have your child fold a sheet of wax paper in half lengthwise. Then, open it up again.
  3. Encourage your child choose crayon colors for her first heart and ask her to identify their color names. Sharpen them over one half of the wax paper. The crayon shavings should be spread evenly over the paper.
  4. Fold the wax paper in half and fold the three open edges about half an inch inward. This will secure the crayon shavings.
  5. Fold the craft paper over the top of the wax paper.
  6. Help your child lightly iron over the craft paper with the iron on medium heat. Check every few passes to make sure the crayons are melting. As soon as all the shavings have melted, allow the wax paper to cool.
  7. Have your child draw her heart on the wax paper and cut it out.
  8. Now, she can tape a length of string to the top of her heart and hang it in a window.

Helpful Tip:

After the shape is cut from the melted wax paper, you can iron it again to avoid any curled edges. Also, you can vary this project by cutting and using the wax paper in a variety of different sizes and shapes.

Your child can make any shapes she wants out of the wax paper. Get creative! Dinosaurs, planets and butterflies are all great ideas!

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