Kindness Counts

What you need:


What you do:

  1. Ask your child, "What does it mean to be kind to others?"
  2. Ask, "How does it feel when you are kind to others? How does it feel when others are kind to you?"
  3. Explain that you will read a book together (or watch a video of the book being read aloud), perform a random act of kindness, and then craft a kind heart ornament to remind you to practice kindness.
  4. Together with your child, read the book Kindness Counts or watch the video.
  5. Pause and ask comprehension questions throughout the story.
  6. Ask, "Who is someone you would like to spread kindness to today, just like the people in the book?"
  7. Review the Random Acts of Kindness worksheet with your child.
  8. Support your child in drawing, completing, and reflecting on a kind deed.
  9. Now guide them through creating a kind heart ornament and make one yourself alongside your child!
    • Draw a large heart and include colorful words or pictures inside the heart that will help you remember to spread kindness to others.
    • Cut out the heart.
    • Punch a hole at the top of the heart.
    • Tie a ribbon or string at the top of your heart to hang your ornament as a reminder to spread kindness and love!

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