Make a Jack-o'-Lantern Bookmark

What You Need:

  • Paint samples in shades of orange from a home improvement store or card stock

  • Markers

  • Black ribbon or yarn

  • Purple ribbon or yarn

  • Single hole punch

  • Jack-o'-Lantern Bookmark Glyph Legend worksheet 


What You Do: 

  1. Give your child an orange paint sample (or with shades of orange), a marker, and a copy of the Jack-o'-Lantern Bookmark Glyph Legend worksheet. Tell them that they will make a unique bookmark based on the way they answer and follow directions using the legend.

  2. Guide your child through the first few items on the legend. For example, help them determine if they should draw a circle or oval pumpkin based on their preference with chocolate candy.

  3. Allow your child to finish decorating the bookmark on their own and check in with them as they work. Ask questions to get them talking about the jack-o'-lantern’s features, such as:

    • How would you describe your jack-o'-lantern’s stem?

    • What shape are your jack-o'-lantern’s eyes? Why?

    • What kind of eyebrows does your jack-o'-lantern have and how would you describe them? How did you know what friendly vs. scary eyebrows look like?

  4. When your child is ready to put the ribbon on their bookmark, help them use the hole punch to create a hole at the top center of the paint sample.

  5. Provide assistance as your child loops the ribbon or yarn through the hole and ties a knot.

Encourage your child to review the legend and share why their jack-o'-lantern has specific features! Then, put the bookmark to good use by reading a fun Halloween-themed chapter book, like The Best Halloween Ever by Barbara Robinson.

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