Make Pumpkin Apple Stamps

What You Need:

  • Apples (or onions)
  • Knife
  • Cutting board (optional)
  • Paper towels
  • Paper plates
  • Construction paper
  • Paint brush
  • Craft paint (orange, green, brown, black)
  • Markers (optional)

What You Do:

  1. Introduce your child to the activity by sharing that they will create stamps using apples and paint. Tell them that you will guide them through creating their first stamp, and then they can create additional stamps to explore different shapes and patterns of their choice.
  2. Cut the apples in half using the knife and a cutting board, and dry the inside and outside with a paper towel.
  3. Squirt each color of paint on its own paper plate.
  4. Show your child how to dip the inside of the apple into the orange paint. Then, have them try! Remind them to make sure the inside of the apple is completely covered with the paint. Alternatively, they can use a paintbrush to paint the inside of the apple.
  5. Have your child place the inside of the apple flat onto the construction paper to create their stamp.
  6. Engage your child in a discussion about the shape they created. Ask questions such as:
    • What shape did you create?
    • What materials did you use to create your shape?
    • If you were to add details to this pumpkin, what other shapes would you use?
  7. Invite your child to use a paintbrush and the other paint colors to add details to the pumpkin. For example, they can use the brown paint to create a stem for the pumpkin, the green paint to create a leaf for the stem, and the black paint to create eyes, a nose, and a mouth to transform their pumpkin into a jack-o-lantern.
  8. Let the pumpkin stamps dry and give your child the option of adding more details or designs using markers.

Extend this activity for your learner by initiating a conversation about patterns. Remind them that a pattern is something that repeats (provide examples of simple patterns as needed). Suggest that this pumpkin is the first one in a pattern, and ask them to describe how they could create a pattern using the apple stamps. For example, they could use the apple stamp with different paint colors to create the following pattern: orange pumpkin, green pumpkin, orange pumpkin, green pumpkin. Alternatively, they could create a pattern based on the features of the pumpkins, such as stem, no stem, stem, no stem. Give your child time to explore patterns by creating additional stamps with their apple, paint, and markers. When finished, help them find a place to proudly display their art work for others to enjoy this Halloween season!



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