Make a Wish Box

What You Need:

  • Construction paper in holiday colors
  • Markers
  • Shoebox

What You Do:

  1. Around the dinner table one evening, discuss the difference between tangible and non-tangible items. Explain that tangible items are physical objects that you can touch. Non-tangibles items are abstract and cannot be touched, such as love, friendship, sympathy, and hope.
  2. Explain to your family that this holiday season, instead of making a wish list full of tangible items like toys, everyone will help to fill the “Wish Box” with non-tangible wishes.  As a family, brainstorm possible wishes or ideas that could go in the wish box.
  3. Ask your child to be in charge of decorating the box with holiday colors, glitter, and pictures, and display the box in a prominent spot in your house.
  4. Cut several sheets of construction paper in half to make wish slips. On a few of the wish slips, make sentence frames to help your child write longer sentences. Here are 2 examples of sentence frames: This holiday season, I wish for ________________________________because________________________________. Or: This holiday season, I wish for ________________________________ and _________________________ because _______________________________and ____________________________________________.
  5. Help your child write a couple of wishes on the sentence frames, then have them fill in the sentence frames on their own. Finally, encourage them to write their own personal, well-developed, one-sentence wishes.
  6. Throughout the holiday season, remind your child and other family members to enter their non-tangible, personal wishes in the box.
  7. Choose a night during the holiday season and gather everyone involved in the “Holiday Wishes” project. Ask your child to pull slips from the box, and take turns reading the wishes out loud. Okay, your child may still clamour for the latest video game...but you can feel good about reminding them that it's the spirit of the season that matters most in the end, and you all understand what that means.

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