Make Matzoh People

What You Need:

  • Matzoh
  • Any type of favorite food that can be spread such as almond butter or jelly
  • Food items to create the face and decorate the matzoh (anything from raisins to most nuts)
  • Optional: Food items to create arms and legs (think celery or long carrot slices)

What You Do:

  1. Have your child break one piece of matzoh in half.
  2. Ask him to spread a favorite food item across the matzoh (almond butter, cashew butter, jelly, or similar items work well). For safe spreading, have him use a spoon or spatula. This spread provides a "glue" for the facial feature decorations.
  3. Encourage her to add items to make a face. Eyes can be made from grape halves, raisins, banana slices, and more. Noses can be raisins or nuts (excluding peanuts if you're not consuming kitniynot items), or any other kosher choice made by your child. Try using a tomato or apple wedge for a smiling mouth. Make sure that the foods used are age appropriate for your child and do not pose a choking risk.
  4. Add embellishments, such as eyeglasses, a mustache, or eyebrows with other food products. For an optional extra, he can use asparagus, cucumber or carrot sticks for arms and legs.

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