Mom Card

What You Need:

  • 8" x 10" card stock or other thick paper
  • Markers
  • Scissors
  • Plastic wrap
  • Tissue paper
  • Clear drying, non-toxic glue
  • Tape

What You Do:

  1. Fold the card stock in half from top to bottom. (It should look like a tent when you set it down.)
  2. With the card stock still folded in half, help your child write the letters M-O-M on the front, in large letters. These should be double lines, or bubble letters, that take up the entire side of the folded card stock. Instead of making an inner “o” on the letter “O”, consider making the hole a heart shape.
  3. Cut around the edges to reveal the word "Mom."
  4. Cut out the heart from the letter “O”. This may be difficult for little hands, so it's best that a parent at least starts the process. Poke a hole through the card stock in the middle of the heart, or fold and cut a slit in the middle. Cut up to the line of the heart, and then cut around the edges.
  5. Make sure that the card is folded, and have your child trace the heart onto the other side of the card, directly beneath the cut-out. Cut out this heart in the same manner described in step 4.
  6. Cut a small square of plastic wrap that is slightly larger than the heart whole.
  7. Using safety scissors, have your child cut pieces of colored tissue paper into shapes (circles, squares, triangles, and more), and then glue them onto the plastic wrap. This is meant to mimic stained glass. Set aside to dry.
  8. While the tissue paper plastic wrap is drying, ask your child to color in the letters that spell mom with markers. Help her to write a special message on the inside of the card as well.
  9. Place the tissue paper plastic wrap behind the bottom of the card, with the plastic facing up. Tape or glue the edges to the back. When you close the card it will reveal a faux stained glass heart in the middle!

Older children may want to get more creative with the faux stained glass detail. Use permanent markers in black to draw lines (these are similar to the leaded parts of stained glass) in the form of shapes on the plastic wrap before adding tissue paper. Create patterns or even a mini-landscape.

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