Monster Art

What You Need:

  • Go Away, Big Green Monster by Ed Emberly
  • Black construction paper
  • Oil pastels
  • Paper
  • Pencil

What You Do:

  1. Read Go Away, Big Green Monster with your child.
  2. What do they like about the book? If they could create their own monster, what would it look like?
  3. Have your child pick their favorite page of the book, displaying their favorite shot of the big green monster.
  4. Prop the book up on the table so it shows their favorite page.
  5. Set the black construction paper and pencil on the table in front of your child.
  6. Have them use a pencil to lightly draw their own monster on the construction paper. It can be just like the big green monster from the book or something entirely new! Encourage them to use their creativity to come up with a hilarious — or horrifying — creature.
  7. Let them fill in their drawing with the oil pastels.
  8. Show them how you can smudge the pastels against the black paper.
  9. Once they have finished, have them write a story to go along with the monster. 
  10. Display their illustrated monster and accompanying story for your whole family to admire!

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