Mother's Day Treasure Hunt

What You Need:

  • Paper and pencil
  • A prize for mom, maybe a mother’s day card, gift, flowers, or a breakfast

What You Do:

  1. Review the concept of a treasure hunt with your child. Explain to them that each clue will have to hint at the location of the next clue, and the very last clue will reveal the location of the treasure.
  2. An example of a first clue might read, “Look for the second clue near the couch.” It should give Mom a general idea of the area the clue is in, but not be specific enough so that she knows exactly where it is located. Searching is half the fun of a treasure hunt!.
  3. Have your child plan the locations of each clue, keeping in mind that the first clue will be given directly to Mom to get her started.
  4. Then have your child write each clue on a piece of paper and hide them in the planned hiding places throughout the house.
  5. While Mom is searching, he can hide her present! The final prize can be a Mother’s Day card, a small gift, or a homemade breakfast. The last clue tells mom where she can find her reward.

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