Make a Music Video

What You Need:

  • Computer and Internet
  • CD
  • Stereo
  • Dress-up clothes
  • Props
  • Video camera

What You Do:

  1. Ask your child and her friends to pick their favorite song. Browse their favorite radio station's website or a music channel on TV for ideas. Purchase the CD, or buy the song online and then burn it onto a CD.
  2. Play the song for them and have them look up the lyrics on the Internet, to clear up any confusion about the words.
  3. Encourage the group of kids to think of a theme for the music video. They should get creative and think about what the song means to them. The story line that they act (and dance) out doesn't need to be the obvious subject matter of the song; some of the most interesting music videos are those that interpret the songs in an abstract way.
  4. Gather all the dress-up clothes and props, and ask the kids to pick the clothing and props that they wish to use for the music video.
  5. Help them make up a choreographed dance for the music video, and urge them to practice it until they feel ready to perform. Remind them that the more prep work they put into it, the more professional it will look.
  6. Once they're ready to go, have them present their music video creation as you film it with a video camera. Be patient; there will probably be lots of giggling at first, and they'll most likely need to perform it several times through until they get it right.

Play it back on the television or the computer so that they can watch and laugh along to their creation! This activity is great for a rainy day play date, or your child's next birthday party. If you can, make copies of the music video for all the participants. It's sure to make a great keepsake that the kids will love looking back on for years to come.

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