My Rich Cultural Heritage

What You Need:


What You Do:

  1. Ask your child what the world would be like if everyone looked the same? What would it be like if all food was exactly the same? (Boring, right?)
  2. Explain to them that today they will be learning more about their cultural background.
  3. Ask, "What does 'culture' mean?"
  4. Write and explain that "culture" means "when groups of people have certain ways of speaking, special dances, music, food, and traditions."
  5. Ask your child what kinds of food they eat. What kinds of music do they listen to? What holidays do they celebrate? What language do they speak? Explain, "All of these things make up our family's culture!"
  6. Show your child the My Family Heritage worksheet, and tell them that they will draw a picture of what they already know about their culture. Then they will choose one aspect of their culture they'd like to explore further.
  7. Work with your child to explore an aspect of your culture, and have them draw a picture of what they learned on the My Family Heritage worksheet.

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