Natural Emotions

What You Need:


What You Do:

  1. Ask your child how they are feeling right now.
  2. Ask, "What is something in nature that may reflect how you are feeling?"
    • Provide examples, such as a storm reflecting anger, or a flower representing gentleness and beauty.
  3. Tell your learner that emotions come and go and are always changing, just like things in nature. Explain this concept: "In nature, a storm passes, rain comes pouring down, then rain clouds lift away. Also, a flower blooms, shows its beauty, then withers."
  4. Share that today, your child will spend some time in nature. They will write and draw to reflect on the temporary parts of nature.
  5. Show them the Nature and Emotions worksheet, and read through its instructions.
  6. Then, go outside and have your child begin reflecting. Supervise them and help them out whenever needed.

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