No-Sew Christmas Stocking

What You Need:

  • 2 Pieces of the same colored felt
  • 1 Piece of a different color of felt
  • Scissors
  • Dark colored magic marker
  • Sequins/ Christmas mix sequins
  • Metallic pompoms
  • 6” ribbon to hang the stocking
  • White glue
  • Glue stick


What You Do:

  1. Layer the two pieces of same colored felt with corners matched up on top of each other. Place them vertically.
  2. Draw a stocking shape on the top piece of felt using a magic marker. The top edge of the felt is the top of the stocking, and the bottom of the boot should almost touch the bottom of the felt.
  3. Carefully cut both pieces of felt out at the same time.
  4. Open the felt stocking boots like a book – what will become the inside of the boots are showing face up. Glue the piece of ribbon on the top left corner of the boot sitting on the right side. Use white glue for this. Allow to dry.
  5. On the same boot where the ribbon is glued, draw a line of white glue around the inside edge of the felt stocking, leaving the top edge of the stocking without glue.
  6. Carefully lay the top layer of felt onto the bottom layer of felt so they match up perfectly. Close the “book” and press firmly together. Allow this to dry.
  7. Cut a long rectangle of the different colored felt to lay across the top of the stocking (we used white). Trace the rectangle and cut a second piece of felt for the back of the stocking. Glue both of the rectangle pieces on the front and back sides of the stocking.
  8. On the front side of your stocking, spread out sequins and pompoms and glue them on in any pattern you choose using a glue stick. Allow your creation to dry completely.

Fill your sparkly stocking with goodies and hang over a fire place or on a door handle to celebrate Christmas!

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