Nobel Peace Prize for Kids

What You Need:

  • Construction paper
  • Hole punch
  • Scissors
  • Paper and pencil
  • Colored markers or crayons
  • String

What You Do:

  1. Start off by letting your child think about what they would do to bring peace to all nations of the world. If they are having trouble thinking on such a grand scale, perhaps brainstorm ways to bring peace to the United States or even their own city. Encourage your child to come up with a few good ideas, perhaps three, and ask them to write them down.
  2. Help your child cut out a circle from the construction paper to constitute the Nobel Peace Prize medal. Ask them to cut it out of yellow or orange, or they may want to make it a little more colorful and pick out a different hue.
  3. After the circle has been cut out, help your child write down their three goals for obtaining peace on the front of the medal. Once their ideas for peace are written down on one side, ask them to flip the medal over and draw out what peace would look like to them. Give your child a few ideas, such as people holding hands, a dove, or even smiling faces and then ask them to draw away!
  4. With the Nobel Prize now decorated, ask your child to carefully punch a hole in the top of and run a string through the hole to hang it from around their neck, a doorknob, or on a wall.

Your child will have a personalized reminder as to just how important loving each other, peace, and equality is to the world. Perhaps one day your future humanitarian will be awarded a true Nobel Peace Prize for their efforts!

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