Chanukah Anagram Game

What You Need:

  • Piece of paper and pen for each player
  • Stopwatch or clock

What You Do:

  1. Each player writes the word “Chanukah” at the top of his sheet.
  2. Start a timer for three minutes. Each player (child or adult!) should take the time to look at the word at the top of the page and write down as many words as possible out of the letters in the word “Chanukah.”
  3. To score the game, have each player take a turn calling out the words that he or she found.
  4. Encourage your child to get some math practice by adding up each player's score himself! For each unique word that no other player discovered, the player receives two points. For each word that was found by another player, the player gets one point.

Looking for More?

Continue the game by playing with other words related to Chanukah or the holidays in general, such as the following:

  • Shamash—The middle candle in the menorah, which is used to light each of the other candles day by day.
  • Menorah—The candelabra lit every day during Chanukah to celebrate the holiday.
  • Shabbat—The Jewish day of rest, Saturday
  • Havdalah—The prayer that is said at the end of Shabbat

When you’ve played each word, add up the score. The player with the most points wins!

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