Improvisation Game

What You Need:

  • 10 or more players
  • Small pieces of paper
  • Pen
  • Hat

What You Do:

  1. Pick two people to be the first performers. For the first round, everyone else will the be the audience.
  2. Have the audience think up an idea for a scene. The scene can be anything you can think of: changing a tire, getting a haircut, being in class, running a race, and so on.
  3. After a scene is selected, have the two performers go into a separate room where they're out of earshot. While they're waiting, they can plan out the scene based on the audience's selection.
  4. Now, the audience comes up with silly sentences or phrases. These can be well-known phrases like "Eureka!" or just made up sentences like "My shirt is on fire!" Come up woth 5-10 different silly sentences, then fold them up and put them in the hat.
  5. Next, call the performers back out and place the hat within reach of the area where they'll be performing. The performers start acting out their scene, but every few lines, they need to reach into the hat and pull out a piece of paper. Right after a performer chooses the sentence, he needs to say it out loud and incorporate it into the scene, trying his best to make the scene make sense. The weirder the sentence, the funnier the scene gets!
  6. The players continue to switch off pulling out lines from the hat until the lines are gone.

Continue to switch off performers so that everyone gets a chance to act out funny scenes!

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