Hanukkah Game: Pass the Potato

What You Need:

  • At least five people
  • Potato
  • Music sheets

What You Do:

  1. Make sure everyone knows the lyrics and if not, make a cheat sheet with the lyrics written down:
“Take a potato, pat pat pat. Roll it and make it flat flat flat. Fry it in a pan with fat fat fat. Hanukkah latkes just like that."
"Watch the dreidel spin spin spin. It will land on nun gimel hay or shin. Play it with your friends and win win win. Hanukkah dreidels spin spin spin.”
  1. Once everyone has got the tune down, sit in a circle and sing the song while passing the potato around. Whoever is holding the potato when the singing stops, is the “latke” and has to sit out.

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