Presidents Day Game

What You Need:

  • Computer or history books
  • Construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Pens and colored markers

What You Do:

  1. Using the Internet, ask your child to collect at least five facts on both Abraham Lincoln and George Washington, for a total of ten facts. Some basic information she can look for could be which number president they were, where they were born, and what notable achievements they are known for.
  2. After she has gathered some facts and written them down on a sheet of paper, ask her to find five images that she associates with each president, for a total of ten images. To start her off, suggest an apple tree for President Washington and a tall top hat for President Lincoln. Ask her to draw these images on the same paper that she has listed the facts.
  3. Have her cut out a total of twenty squares of construction paper, making sure they are large enough for one fact or image. Once she has cut these all out, explain how to make the memory cards by gluing all of the facts and drawings onto separate cards.
  4. Once she has made all twenty cards, help her set up the playing surface. Lay out each card with the picture or fact face down and the blank side facing up. To play, alternate flipping over two cards for each turn. The goal is to match up a picture that associated with President Washington or Lincoln with a fact that pertains to the same person. For example, the cherry tree would be a match with a fact that reads: "George Washington was the first American President."
  5. With your child, take turns flipping over the cards and matching up pairs. If you don't find a pair on one of your attempts, turn the cards back over—but try to remember where they are placed!

The game is multi-faceted in its uses. She can play it be herself, with a friend, or with the entire family! To extend the activity to more players—and further the learning experience—try researching and making cards for more former Presidents.

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