Salad Butterfly

What You Need:

  • Red and green lettuce
  • Any other vegetables that you enjoy. We used carrots, bell pepper and olives

What You Do:

  1. Head to the kitchen with your child and wash the vegetables.
  2. Peel any vegetables with inedible skin.
  3. Dry the vegetables with a paper towel or salad spinner.
  4. Have your child arrange the lettuce pieces on a plate to create the forewing and hindwing of the butterfly.
  5. Slice the carrot in half lengthwise and place it in the center of the wings to represent the butterfly's thorax. An olive makes a nice round head.
  6. Cut strips of any vegetable and place it on the head for antennae.
  7. Decorate the wings with other vegetables. Does this salad butterfly look like any real species?
  8. Enjoy the salad with your favorite dressing.

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