Shooting Hoops Multiplication

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What You Need:

  • Index cards
  • Pen
  • Basketball or small ball
  • Basketball hoop or waste basket
  • Paper

What You Do:

  1. If you don't have a set of multiplication flashcards, write the multiplication facts that your child needs to practice on a set of index cards and write the answers on the back.
  2. Head to the hoops! If you don't a basketball court nearby, use an empty waste basket as the "hoop" and get a small ball to toss into the basket. If your child is a sports fan, encourage him to wear his favorite team jersey!
  3. Now you're ready to play! Hold up a flash card and have your child give you the answer. If he guesses right, give him a point. Then toss him the ball and have him make a shot. If the ball makes it into the hoop, give him one more point and keep track of his points on a sheet of paper.
  4. If he doesn't know the correct answer, show him what it is. Put the card to the side and go through a few more cards, come back to the equation he didn't know, and ask him again. Be sure to make a note of the equations he has trouble with so that you can start off with those the next time you play to keep track of his progress.
  5. Go through the flashcards until he reaches 21 points. Then, start over!
  6. Up the ante by adding one more player to the game and competing to see who can get to 21 first.

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