Seeing the Beauty in Small and Big Things

What You Need:


What You Do:

  1. Give your child the Seeing the Beauty all Around! worksheet, and begin working through the first section together.
  2. Ask your child what they think the word "beauty" means, and have them write their answers on the worksheet.
  3. Ask them to reflect on what they are grateful for in their lives and record their list on the worksheet.
  4. Then, ask where they see beauty in their lives. Explain that these can be big or small things. Winter snow or green colors in the spring? Clean water or time with friends on the weekend?
  5. Show them the book All the World, and explain to them that this book focuses on the beauty in small and big things in life.
  6. As you read the book together, ask them to notice what everyday gifts are highlighted in the book and to write these down. Explain to your child that after they read the book, they will be writing a short story of their own.
  7. Together with your child, read through All the World. Afterwards, ask them what stood out to them.
  8. Ask, "What were the big and small things that were seen and loved in the story? Where was beauty in the story?"
  9. Have your child complete the second part of the Seeing the Beauty all Around! worksheet and create their own story. Support them in brainstorming and writing a first and final draft for their story.
  10. After completing the worksheet, ask your child to read their story to you.
  11. Discuss, "How can noticing the beauty in life support us and others?"
  12. Ask your child who they would like to read their story to, and where they would like to keep it as a reminder to notice the big and small things of beauty in their life.

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