Service Activity

What you need:

What you do:

  1. Ask your child, "How can serving others make us better people?"
  2. Show the video "Educational Video on Community Service for Kids."
  3. As they watch the video, have them take notes about how serving others can make us better people. Encourage your child to take notes in ways that they will remember best (keywords or drawing).
  4. After watching the video, ask your child, "How do you think you would you like to serve in your school or community?"
  5. Ask, "How would you like to serve when you get older? What career would you like to follow that may be connected to service?"
  6. Review the Service Survey worksheet with your child and support them in completing it. As they complete the activity, see if you learn anything new about your child. As they share their interests, provide guidance on some fun and informative ways they may contribute to their community now or in the future. Share about the ways you served while growing up (as well as now) and what you learned!

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