Play Simon Says...With a Twist!

What You Need:

  • Two space markers (such as carpet squares, hula hoops, or poly spots)

What You Do:

  1. Invite your child to stand in one of the space markers.
  2. Explain that she or he should do as you say only when the command is preceded by the words “Simon says.”
  3. Issue commands like those here, sometimes saying ‘Simon says,” and sometimes not.
    • Raise your arms.
    • Touch your toes.
    • Wiggle your nose.
    • Bend and touch your knees.
    • Make a funny face.
    • Touch your head.
    • Touch your shoulders
    • Stand on one foot.
    • Blink your eyes.
    • Stand up tall.
    • Pucker up your lips.
    • Put hands on hips.
    • Reach for the sky.
    • Give yourself a hug!
  4. If your child obeys a command not preceded by “Simon says,” he or she simply moves from one space marker to the other.
  5. As your child becomes more adept at this game, increase the challenge by increasing the tempo at which you call out the commands. Expect lots of giggles!

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