Halloween Marshmallow Art

What You Need:

  • Black construction paper
  • Mini-marshmallows
  • Frosting (Optional)
  • Glue (Optional)

What You Do:

  1. Ask your child what shape she thinks a ghost looks like. Set a bowl of marshmallows out next to the black paper.
  2. With clean hands (if she's going to eat some marshmallows during the artistic process), spread out a handful of marshmallows on the black paper.
  3. Encourage her to move around the marshmallows into different lines. Can she create a curved line with the marshmallows? What about a zigzag, or an oval?
  4. Have her arrange her marshmallows into a ghost.
  5. Stick the marshmallows in place with glue or frosting!

Although it will surely be temping, this Halloween artwork isn't for eating! Check out the recipes on our Halloween Party Ideas page to satisfy your kid's sweet tooth!

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