Be an Olympics Commentator!

What You Need:

  • Toy microphone or paper rolled up to look like one
  • Live or taped television coverage of a sport being played
  • Someone in charge of the video camera

What You Do:

  1. To prepare, your child can tune in to television or radio coverage of a couple Olympic events. Have her pay close attention to the reporters’ diction, tone of voice, speech pattern, and the information that is being delivered.
  2. When she's ready, turn on the television and play the sporting event that your child is going to cover.
  3. Have the camera operator countdown, “Three, two, one, we’re live!” Then, with microphone in hand, your child can take a stab at reporting what she sees. It’s tougher than it looks, so keep encouraging your child and be willing to record multiple takes.
  4. When your child has a segment that she is satisfied with, play it back so she can enjoy seeing herself on camera. Kids get a kick out of hearing their voices played back to them, especially since they typically don’t think they sound like that in person.

Your child will probably gain greater respect for professional on-air personalities. She will also benefit from this opportunity to practice her speaking skills, handle pressure, maintain poise, and forge ahead—despite a few stumbles and stutters.

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